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    Should we roll back Bios if Intel pulled the latest version?


      I updated my Intel S1200SPLR server board bios as per instructions from Intel in this forum and been noticing many errors in my host OS and starting to wonder if they are not Bios related.  I just went back to see if there are any newer versions of the bios than what I installed and noticed that the one I had downloaded and installed is no longer listed. Is there somewhere to find if Intel pulled a bios and for what reasons?  Should I attempt to roll back the bios to the older current version?


      Previous installed Bios as per link provided to me at the time

      Build Stamp : S1200SP family.86B.03.01.1028

      Build Date  : Dec 18, 2017


      Current version if I follow the same link and check the product page

      Build Stamp : S1200SP.86B.03.01.0026

      Build Date  : Sep 27, 2017