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    Power On/Off an Intel Edison Based board with a physical button.


      Hello guys,


      I own an Intel Edison based RTK GNSS Module (paired by emlid), that I want to power on/off via it's available GPIO pins.


      product page: https://emlid.com/reach/

      product documentation: https://docs.emlid.com/reach/


      I have found a connector pin-out from the device as shown here:





      • GPIO46, GPIO77, PWM, SCL, SDA, TX, RX are connected to Intel Edison via buffers and are 3.3 V logic level, 5 V tolerant.
      • TX and RX belong to UART1 on Intel Edison
      • SCL and SDA belong to I2C1 on Intel Edison, I2C1 also could be used to communicate with internal magnetometer in MPU9250.
      • PWM belongs to PWM3 GPIO183 on Intel Edison
      • Time Mark input is connected directly to U-blox chip for low latency, it includes an over-voltage clamp, pull up and current limiting resistor.


      I power this puppy with a powerbank.


      Can you suggest me a way or point me an example of how to power this device via a powerbutton + script without damaging the device?




      George Vasilikos