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    Intel HD4600 4K Windows 10 GUI poor performance




      I'm using Dell XPS 9530 with Windows 10 installed. I've noticed, that when I'm trying to switch between windows using WIN + TAB key combination, animation is very choppy and laggy. I've installed newest Intel drivers from Dell website, but it didn't solved my problem. Intel drivers version is I'm using 4K internal screen with 3840x2160 resolution. Dell replaced motherboard few times, but it didn't solved problem. There is also nVidia GeForce GT 750 discrete GPU present on my system. I tried to connect external display (TV) using HDMI cable and there is major improvement in animation, but only when I switch internal laptop display off and leave TV screen on (using WIN + P keys and selecting second screen only).


      So my question is: What could be the problem?