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    i can't install intel G33/G31 express chipset graphic

      when i install driver intel g33/g31 chipset graphic, wait a few moments, then came a warning said  'an unknown error has occurred .... setup exit'

      help me please

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          Ok, can you give us some more information??? What computer do you have? whqat operating system? whewre are you downloading teh driver form(link)? HOw are you installing it?

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            This was the only result that came up in my search for the solution to this problem tonight.  Too bad the OP didn't post back.  Someone was ready to help them.  So I was left to my own devices.  4 hours later, I solved my problem.  Hopefully it will be a help to others.

            For no apparent reason, the "new hardware wizard" kept coming up for my monitor.  I did unplug it and replug it into the power strip the other day but I've done that many times before when the wires got tangled with no problem.  Anyhow, the freaking wizard just wouldn't go away even after it told me it couldn't install the necessary driver for my monitor.  Over and over again.  (anyone have a baseball bat?)  So I went to reinstall the Intel G33/31 chipset again thinking that would fix it and I got an unknown error and it wouldn't install it which then reverted my system back to a flicker rate that drove me crazy.  I unstalled and reinstalled in normal mode and kept getting the error.

            Here's what I did.  I have Windows XP.  I think the VGA safe mode is only available in XP and above.  (I guess you can just try just "safe mode" if you don't have XP or above and see if it works for you.)

            1) booted up in "safe mode with VGA" by pressing the F8 key numerous times at startup and then used the arrows to select that option.. 
            2) I then uninstalled the Intel chipset.
            3) It asks for a reboot and click "Yes"
            4) press the F8 key at startup for this reboot because you want  to enter  "safe mode with VGA" once again and then install the Intel chipset.  This is important because after I uninstalled it in "safe mode with VGA", I tried reinstalling it again in normal mode as I read somewhere and it didn't install.  Had to be uninstalled and installed in "safe mode with VGA" mode.
            5) It asks for a reboot and click "Yes" and let it boot up normally.

            Now the new hardware wizard pops up but this time it will install what's necessary.