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    3.84TB DC S4500 Spontaneous Failures - "disable logical state" - How/Why?


      A couple of weeks ago I lost one S4500 3.84TB, I have 10 connected to an Adaptec HBA 1000 16i, via the SAS backplane in an Intel R2312GZ4GC4 server. I bought 3 more as spares and for testing in another machine.


      The drive appeared to just spontaneously brick when part of a Windows Server 2016 Storage Pool used for hosting VM storage over SMB3, this caused the pool to lock up and I had to power cycle the server to regain responsiveness.


      I couldn't bring the drive back online, so I disconnected it and connected to a plain SATA port on a PC and used isdct, whatever I try to do results in a message saying "Selected drive is in a disable logical state".


      #isdct show -intelssd 1


      - Intel SSD DC S4500 Series PHYS736000XXXXXXXX -


      Bootloader : Property not found

      DevicePath : /dev/sg2

      DeviceStatus : Selected drive is in a disable logical state.

      Firmware : SCV10100

      FirmwareUpdateAvailable : Please contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance at the following website: http://www.intel.com/go/ssdsupport.

      Index : 1

      ModelNumber : INTEL SSDSC2KB038T7

      ProductFamily : Intel SSD DC S4500 Series

      SerialNumber : PHYS736000XXXXXXXX


      Is there any way to get the drives out of this state?


      I've now had another two drives in the same system fail within minutes of each other, leaving the storage pool unrecoverable. Any ideas what would cause this to happen to 3 drives out of 13 drives in a short period of time. Unless I can work out a cause I don't see any option but to return the drives, that kind of failure rate for a supposed data centre drive makes them not fit for purpose.