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    Wireless Doc Manager Version Mismatch


      My laptop can not detect Wigig Dock(HP)


      My laptop is HP Elite X2 1012 G1

      and Related Drivers is below image.


      but Bios Version was upgraed 01.22 to 01.24


      Here is the thing.

      Wiress Dock Manager's Version('s the latest version in HP Support page)

      is not match with Wireless Gigabit 18260(3.0.50134.10)

      WiDock's version is should be 3.0.50135(Intel's latest version)

      So I downloaded it from Intel suport site(file name : WiDock_3.0.50135)

      And trying to install it.

      But unfortunately it was interrupted with showing this image.

      이미지 1.png

      How can I install Rigth version?

      And how can I detect the Wigig Dock?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello 윤회계사,

          We understand you're currently unable to detect your WiGig Docking Station, and trying to update to the Intel® Wireless Dock Manager Software version 3.0.32115 from has resulted in an error.

          In this case, the first step to try will be to perform a clean installation of your Wireless Drivers and Wireless Dock Manager Software.

          1. Download the latest PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for your adapter: WiFi_20.10.2_PROSet64_Win10.exe
          2. Download the latest Wireless Dock Manager Software.
          3. Uninstall your current software and drivers. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program (Programs and Features) or Windows Settings > System > Apps & Features
              1. Uninstall the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software. Choose to Discard Settings.
              2. Uninstall the Intel® Wireless Dock Manager Software.
          4. Clear out your temporary files.
              1. Press the Windows Key + R combination to open the Run dialog, and enter: cleanmgr.exe
              2. Select Temporary Files from the list, select OK.
          5. Restart your computer.
          6. Install the PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers as well as the Wireless Dock Manager Software downloaded in steps one and two.

          Test your new configuration and let us know if you're now able to connect to your wireless dock. Keep in mind your computer needs to be in line-of-sight of the docking station, 4 feet (1.5 meters).

          - Intel® Wireless Docking Troubleshooting Guide

          Please let us know if this resolves the problem.

          Best regards,
          Carlos A.

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hello 윤회계사 ,

            We have not heard back from you in a while. Did the steps provided resolve your problem?

            Best regards,
            Carlos A.