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    Intermittent connectivity on AC-3165 wireless adapter


      I am having connectivity issues on TWO laptops (different brands HP and Lenovo) using the same adapter with Windows 10 Home 64 bit as the OS.  I have a p50 laptop with Win7 that works FINE.  The HP used to work well until a windows update seemingly caused issues.  I can get a few really good speed tests at speedtest.net and then I'll either get a latency error or a very slow (0.84Mb/s) download speed.  Most of my download speed on the test were between 24.0 and 29.0 Mb/s.  I have tried many different things including updating wireless driver, rolling back the driver, etc.  to no avail.  Please advise.  Just an FYI - the HP is a year old and the Lenovo is two weeks old.  Thanks.

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