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    Stuttering issue with 7820x


      Hi everyone,

      Before anything, here are my specs (brand new components) :

      - I7 7820x

      - NZXT Kraken X62

      - Asus X299 Strix-E Gaming

      - Asus 1080 Ti OC

      - Corsair Vengeance 32Gb (4x8) 3000Mhz CAS 15

      - Samsung 960 evo 250go

      - Seagate Barracuda Pro 4 To

      - WD Blue 2 To

      - Corsair HX750

      - Windows 10 Home

      - Acer Predator 1440p 165hz



      So the problem is that I have stuttering in every games and some benchmarks with graphics like OCCT and Unigine Heaven, but in a different frequency and intensity (unplayable on some BF1 maps like Amiens, big freezes on Op Wildlands and some light to moderate stutters in other games (AC Origins, CSGO, Fortnite...)


      I have pretty decent temperatures both when stock and light OC (4.5GHz All Cores with 1.100V and it's really stable, I tried to put more voltage but it hasn't change anything regarding the stuttering)

      However, as soon as I put 1.2/1.25V my temperatures jump to 90ºC when stress tests like CPU-Z or Cinebench and to 100+ with Prime95 small ffts test (I stopped instantly) I don't know if that's normal, I reinstalled the AIO with some Kryonaut but temps are the same that's why I did a safe OC with 1.1V and I never go over 77/78ºC on CPUZ/Cinebench)

      I also have good scores in both CPU and GPU benchmarks.


      The interesting thing now is that I found out that by disabling the turbo boost in the bios (so the cpu clocks won't go over 3.6 Ghz), the stuttering completly disappeared in every game (except CSGO which feels choppy but I believe it's because 3.6 GHz is too low for this game at 144+Hz). Anyway disabling turbo boost is not a long term solution for me, because for a 600 dollars CPU, I expect more than 3.6 GHz


      Here is a list of what things i tried but didn't fix the issue :

      - I updated the BIOS / and reset it

      - I tried each ram stick one by one on each slot (i also did the windows memory diagnostic and there was no error)

      - I tried to put the GPU on the other PCI slot, and I put my old fully fonctionnal GTX 770 -> so GPU is ok

      - It's not the Windows Creators Update like I read on the internet because I tried with the Anniversary version

      - Of course I reinstalled windows, all the motherboard and GPU drivers installed on their latest version

      - I did a full format of the HDDs and i tried to reinstall the games on the WD Blue -> so HDDs are ok

      - I tried to put my pc alone on another wall electrical outlet (sorry if my english is wrong)

      - I tried both DisplayPort and HDMI cables, lowering screen resolution and refresh rate, and disabling Gsync, Vsync etc

      - I was on wifi, I tried with an ethernet cable

      - I disabled the screen OC (165Hz) to try with 144 Hz

      - (I may have tried a lot of other things but i don't remember everything)


      One more thing ; I sent back the PC to my retailor so that they can test it, but they just told me that they didn't encounter the problem, but I suspect them to try to avoid any replacement or they botched the diagnosis, but is it possible that my environment could create this problem ? Knowing that it is the same setup as theirs except the screen, i mean i never had this kind of problem with my previous pc or with anything.


      I'm really not an expert but to me it looks a lot like a CPU issue (even tho the intel processor diagnostic tool didn't detect any issue) but I don't know what to try now that's why I'm writing to you people if you have some clues of what's going on.

      Thank you very much for reading me, have a great day !

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, Asyrion.

          Thank you very much for sharing your issue with the Intel® Communities Team.

          I understand you have a stuttering issue with your Intel® Core™ i7-7820X. Allow me to help you regarding this issue you are facing.

          In order to help you better, I would like to gather more information about the configuration you have on the computer.  Please attach to this thread the TXT file the Intel® System Support Utility will generate: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility
          To attach a file, you must click the “Attach” option on the bottom right-hand corner of the response box.

          In addition, when the stuttering happens, which are the FPS showed and the CPU usage.

          Antony S.

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            Hello, thank you very much for your answer.


            When light stuttering happens, I don't notice any FPS drop (I believe it's because it's so short that the monitoring programs can't display it but I definitely can feel it) but when I have a lot of stuttering (depending on the game/map), I can see the FPS drop (example BF1 afterburner shows drops from 130-140fps to under 80-90 fps but it really doesn't feel like a FPS drop but more like a lag between frames, like a small freeze)

            Regarding the CPU usage,1 or 2 physical cores are often at 100% but overall it rarely goes over 30% in games so that's good, but I noticed that when the stuttering happens, as soon as I get the next image, I can see that the logical cores are getting activated (I noticed that on BF1 because in this game when I don't move the camera the game only use the physical cores but as soon as i move it, I get stuttering and then logical cores usage jumps and then goes down again). I desactivated hyperthreading in the bios but it didn't change anything.


            Here is the SSU file, have a nice day and thanks again !

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              Another thing, I just realised that in BF1 putting a frame limiter to 120 fps really reduced the stuttering, there is still some at a few points of some maps but that would explain why my retailor didn't detect the issue as they used a 120Hz screen.

              I thought it was a pretty interesting thing for you to know.


              Have a nice day !

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                Intel Corporation
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                Hello, Asyrion.

                Thank you very much for your reply and the information provided.

                In this case, since the usage of the CPU is not high while you are using the computer I would like to double check if the source of the problem is the GPU you are using. Have contacted the manufacturer of your GPU regarding this matter?

                Antony S.


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                  I haven't because I'm almost sure it is not a GPU issue.

                  As I told you, I put my old GTX 770 in the new build (which works perfectly in my old one) and the problem was still there.

                  And if the GPU was the problem, it wouldn't explain that when I disable the turbo boost, the pc runs better and the stuttering disappears.


                  Thank you for answering.

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                    Hi !

                    I did disable the Turbo Boost 3.0 via the ITBM software.

                    It fixed indeed the horrific stuttering of BF1 which seemed to be related to that but in almost every other games I still have the issue.

                    It also feels like some games are running a bit smoother when I disable Turbo Boost in BIOS compared to with Turbo Boost activated. And some of them also feel smoother when I put frame limiters.


                    Thanks for taking the time to answer me !

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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hello, Asyrion.

                      Thank you very much for your reply, for me to perform a deeper research I would like to have an image of your BIOS summary, a report of your GPU configuration and, if you do not mind, may I have a video of the issue you have?

                      I really appreciate your patience.

                      Antony S.

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Hello, Asyrion.

                        I would like to double check if you will be able to attach the information requested in the post above.

                        Antony S.

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                          I'll do that as soon as I can, I'm in the middle of a move to a new house so I can't try anything.

                          And unfortunately, the stutter I experienced was overall pretty slight and I don't think it can't be noticed in a 60Hz video.


                          But thanks for your interest in my issue, I'll keep you posted.

                          Have a great week !

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                            Intel Corporation
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                            Hello, Asyrion.

                            I would like to know if you still need assistance. Please let me know.

                            Antony S.