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    i925XE / ICH6R - Matrix Storage Manager for Windows 7 64bit




      I'm using older Foxconn mainboard with Intel 925XE chipset, ICH6R north bridge. I was using it fine with Windows XP 64bit with RAID1 mirror from 2 disks.


      Recently I moved to Windows 7 64bit and I'm unable to find working matrix storage manager for this OS, as well newer driver except the one which is included in OS (iaStorV.sys
      I tried Intel Matrix Storage Manager, then as well but all fail with message


      "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"


      Per http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=2101&DwnldID=18859&lang=eng
      the page mentions i925 and ICH6R as SUPPORTED but I'm still getting the error above. I also tried to extract only the drive with -a switch and the driver files were also not accepted by OS, inside inf files there is mentioned only ICH7R and above, so no ICH6R. Why then at the download page is mentioned i925/ICH6R are supported in this package...


      The version I was using fine in XP doesn't install in Windows7 as well.


      Can you please advice if there is some working storage manager for Windows 7 64bit and the ICH6R chip to have monitored the status of the RAID array, rebuild, etc.?



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          it looks like was the last version that supported ich6r and it isn't listed as being compatible with windows 7.  the download page for this version specifically states it's the last version for ich6r.  I was able to install it by right clicking the executable, selecting properties, compatibility tab and installing in compatibility mode for vista sp2.  perhaps this is risky.  I also wanted to be able to monitor the status of a rebuild.  I have a dell dimension 8400 with win7sp1 32 bit.  it doesn't see much use but still works.


          intel currently suggests that is ich6r compatible on the download page, but the readme doesn't list it.  the above note on also suggests it won't work.


          I just realized how old your post is.  you probably don't even use the system in question anymore.

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            thanks for the reply after 4 years :-)

            i still have that old computer, but do not use it anymore for almost 3 years as i bought new one.

            i had even to register again my username here at intel forum as it was deleted meanwhile.