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    Does ZR300 support ARM64 platform?


      As I have a ARM64 platform with ubuntu16.04, want to know whether ZR300 can run on this platform.


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          There has been a case where somebody successfully connected a ZR300 to the ARM-based Jetson TX2 board.  ZR300 is not validated for use with ARM though.  Typically, it has been more often used with Intel Atom Cherry Trail processors on development boards such as the Up Board and Intel Joule.


          ZR300, Realsense SDK, and ARM architecture


          If you do not already own a RealSense camera, a better option for you may be the new D415 or D435 camera.  Unlike previous RealSense cameras, they can be used with any Intel or ARM processor, and the main hardware requirement is a USB 3.0 connection.  There may be a few months before you could purchase one though even if you reserved one now though, due to large level of demand for these cameras.


          Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras

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            Many thanks for the answer.

            Yes, I have a ZR3000. Actually I also had placed an pre-order for D435 camera at 2017-12-13. unfortunately, I'm not in the first delivery batch, current status is"hold", no delivery ETA.

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              Having ordered that early ought to make the shipping of your order a priority over pre-orders made now in January.  I would not want to risk disappointment for you by attempting an estimate of when your camera will be shipped though.


              In the meantime, I would recommend seeing if you can get your ZR300 working with ARM.  As the new 400 Series cameras have ARM compatibility, at the very least you may get useful information from ZR300 tests that can be applied to using ARM with the D435, so it would not be a waste of time.  Best of luck!