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    iWARP for wan/www deployment


      We've recently bought a new server with a Intel X722 controller. Which supports iWARP.

      I've read white papers about iWARP benefits (performance benefits), however I couldn't find any information about drawbacks or use of iWARP on the world wide web.

      It seems that iWARP is manly targeted at servers in a LAN network which transfer lots of data. But I couldn't find any details on WAN deployments.


      When installing the Intel Proset drivers on Windows, we noticed the following:

      • User Mode iWARP provider is unchecked by default
      • We are specifically asked if we want to enable iWARP across IP subnets
      • When installing the iWARP provider the firewall rule for public network is unchecked by default.


      This makes me believe that there are (security) Drawbacks to enabling iWARP accross IP subnets.
      However I couldn't find any information about this and the build in documentation is vague on this subject.


      Can someone tell me if if iWARP is safe to use across the world wide web? We aim to deploy this server as web and application server and expect to run several applications and websites which will be publicly accessible.