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    My experience with Intel costed me 350€


      Hello, I had issues with my i7-7700k and I talked to Intel support and they troubleshooted me. They instructed me to send the CPU back to Intel. I packed to CPU carefully into an envelope and sent it to them. When it arrived I was told that the CPU was not found on inside and that they instead found something else. I talked to them and they insisted that it was not damage despite me never tapping the envelope instead I used the already preinstalled glue on the envelope itself which I'm confident is strong enough. They keep denying me and they even went as far as to close my RMA case today saying they won't respond and help me anymore. I spent more then 350€ on the CPU and I even sent them my invoice I have. I feel robbed and I thought Intel's support would be more capable when selling such expensive CPU. What can I do about this. I need help.