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    NUC6CAYH - How to monitor HDCP status?


      I'm having problems streaming an Amazon Video in HD (not UHD) from my NUC to the TV.

      It plays, but only in SD and I'm getting an error message "computer, cable or monitor not HDCP compliant".

      The NUC should support even HDCP2.2. My TV support HDCP1.1. And the cable is HDMI1.2.

      My OS is Windows 10 Pro Creators Update and I tried running the video in Edge and Chrome.

      According to Amazon, there is no specific version of HDCP required for a regular HD video.

      So I'm trying to find out, which component is causing the issue.


      Is there any way of monitoring/visualizing, whether HDCP is running properly on the NUC?

      NVIDIA seems to have such a display in their graphics settings, but I cant find anything similar on the NUC.