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    Hardware Error! - on Linux Fedora 12 install


      Hi, I am having trouble installing Fedora 12 on my system.



      - CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6850  (3.0Ghz, Conroe Dual-Core, Socket T/775, 1333 FSB, 4M L2 Cache)


      - mother board (MSI G31m3 v2).



      With Fedora 12, 32-bit install DVD:

      Sometimes I get something like this message right after anaconda loads. (It goes quick so I dont have a chance to write it all down.)



      Processor Socket 0 APIC

      CPU Socket 0 APIC

      . . .


      Processor Context Corrupt

      Kernel Panic!

      Sync Failure


      Sometimes the Fedora 12 install procedes normally through the whole setup, and halfway through the install but the screen goes blank and the PC reboots.


      I re-downloaded and made another Fedora 12 install DVD but had the same results.

      I also tried loading Fedora-12 64-bit, same errors.


      I wonder if this is an actual hardware error because:

      1) Fedora-11 32-bit installs with no errors.

      2) Ubuntu-9.10 32-bit installs with no errors.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.