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    8700K (UHD Graphics 630) DisplayPort not working




      So I have a Asus Z370E motherboard (latest bios) with an Intel i7 8700k installed in it running windows 10 professional. This system is connected to an Asus PG278Q via DisplayPort only as well as this is the only connection the Asus PG278Q offers. I use to have a Asus 1080Ti graphics cards installed it as well (everything was working fine) but i have recently taken that out and put it in another rig. So now I've switched it back to using the UHD Graphics 630 and this is where the problem started. I re-enabled the UHD Graphics 630 and connected the monitor to the motherboard by the DisplayPort connection booted into windows and everything looks fine besides using the Microsoft Basic Video Adapter driver but when i got to install the latest (Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.60]) the screen just goes blank and doesn't register at all.


      Now i have tried uninstalling and installing the Intel driver in safe mode, I uninstalled all the nvidia drivers prior to installing the Intel driver and nothing seems to work as it always results in a blank screen once the intel driver is installed.


      Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.