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    Is it possible to install a Xeon E5 26xx v2 CPU and another Xeon E5 46xx v2 CPU on the same motherboard?


      I saw the E5 2680v2 and the E5 4650v2 have the same cores ,same cache..... the qpi links also have 2. I heard the e5 46xx (xeon MP) could run on the multi-xeon board , install two same cpus on the dual-xeon cpu motherboard. And i saw someone put two cpus that have same cores ,same cache xeon on a board(a E5 2670v2 and a E5 2660v2), and it's really run well. So,i want to know possibillity of install the two different  prefix of cpus (xeon E5 46xx and E5 26xx )on the same dual-xeon board?