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    After you upgrade a Windows computer won't start


      After the Assembly of the computer:

      i5-8400 , z370 aorus ultra gaming, 1060 6gb super jetstream, deepcool redhat , hyperx fury 8x2, cheftec a-90 750.

      I installed Windows 10 and installed the driver. After you upgrade Windows when I rebooted the computer to update to take effect. He renewed himself was involved. but after 30 minutes it rebooted itself. I started it and it started to include cycled reboot. On the motherboard there is a led panel responsible for serviceability of components. Led flashlight on the Panel light up above the inscription "cpu" that talks about this processor malfunction. I removed the cooler, erased and thermal grease from the processor and from the cooler. Removed the processor and looked for bent pins. Everything was back to normal at the expense of the legs on the motherboard. Dumped the BIOS. I just can't start BIOS. Going cyclic restart. Nothing helped. Here I am writing to you. Help please)