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    DC3510 with RAID Controller



      is it a good idea to use 2 peaces DC3510 as RAID 1 in hardware raid controller LSI 9260-8i?

      I think the controller does not support the trim command.

      Are there disadvantages in this assembly?



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          Hello dhaa,

          Thanks for posting.

          Online searching suggests the TRIM function is not supported on most RAID controllers. Even though we can't confirm if that's the case for LSI 9260-8i*, this shouldn't be a problem for the drives or the RAID volume.

          The Intel® SSD DC S3510 Series was designed for Data Center environments, where TRIM optimization is not always an option. To compensate, Intel® Data Center SSDs have additional space so the data can be moved and the impact of not having TRIM is down to a minimum, this is done automatically.

          Please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.

          Best regards,
          Eugenio F.