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    Setup problem: Aero Compute Board with older firmware


      Hello Aero Team


      I'm experiencing the some problems updating the firmware on my aero board. We just got these new boards through Mouser, but compared to ones that we purchased as part of RTF drones, these boards have much older firmware so the the command aero-update-reboot.py can't be used directly.


      Per 02 Initial Setup · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub , we got the Aero image 1.6.1 from Download Intel® Aero Platform for UAVs Installation Files onto a usb drive (i used Etcher), plugged it in and tried punching in the following command.

      sh-4.3# mkdir -p /tmp/{iso,newroot}

      sh-4.3# mount -o ro /dev/sda1 /tmp/iso

      sh-4.3# mount -o loop,ro /tmp/iso/rootfs.img /tmp/newroot /tmp/newroot/usr/sbin/aero-reboot-update.py

      However, after I do that (regardless of the last line being aero-reboot-update.py or aero-update-reboot.py), I get a busy box message

      "Busybox v1.24.1 (2016-08-16 15:14:18 PDT) multi call binary."

      "Usage: mount (OPTIONS) [-0 OPT] DEVICE NODE"

      How do you proceed from here? We reboot it through using either "reboot" command or by removing the power, and yet the BIOS screen still only shows the "boot" option; the 'Boot from USB" doesn't appear.


      We are at loss as to what's next. This is no where similar to the boards that came with the RTF drone.

      Thanks in advance!