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    Help! Cannot load chipset driver - says iaStor.sys is corrupted


      Hi there,


      I have installed Win XP Pro onto my HP XW 8400 workstation. Because the OS cannot detect the machines internal SATA storage HDD drive I am attempting to load the relevant chipset driver via floppy while installing the OS.


      1. I have downloaded the relevant Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver (my chipset is the Intel 5000 X) from Intel.

      2. I have attempted to integrate the RST driver with the OS via a fresh install of the OS, while also loading the RST driver on a floppy using F6.

      3. After choosing a driver from the list the machine attempts to load the driver from the floppy - this results in the following error message:

             iaStor.sys is corrupted.


      This situation has occured with various floppys and downloads of the RST drivers, from different sources. Each time I get the same message: iaStor.sys is corrupted .


      As I have Win XP up and running can I install the chipset driver from within Windows? (and ditch the Floppy method?)


      This is getting beyond a joke - I need to get my system up and running very soon.


      Please could someone offer a solution!




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          i have encountered the same problem and i have met the same obstacle

          i was planning to format my compaq evo 1020v and after i got to a certain point it will tell me

          that i can not continue due to iastor.sys

          so i went to intels download center site and i downloaded the appropraite intel matrix driver for raid and ahci

          you need to check if it is either 32bit or 64bit to get the desired result

          i used a floppy disk and it asked me for the either tghe specific driver or the default driver

          i choose the specific driver and thenm i allowed it to load

          from the floppy drive and then the windows xp professional loaded

          try it and see it works....thanks

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            I'm no expert but have been through similar situation. 


            Yes, you can still install the chipset drivers (i.e., "Chipset Device Software") - even if you installed XP in IDE mode.

            I've had so many problems with the F6 floppy part that I now always install XP in IDE mode, it's so much simpler.  I'm sure you can install SATA drivers later if you want those features. (Not simple, but do-able)


            One thought - did you make sure your BIOS had the SATA Mode set to AHCI before you ran XP setup?  You said you have XP up and running, so presumably you abandoned the F6Floppy, and XP was installed in IDE mode?   Not sure if trying to load SATA drivers while the BIOS is in IDE mode would account for your error message,  but I'm sure someone else can answer that.