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    Processor Temperature




          I recently bought a laptop that has an Intel core i7-7700HQ in it. When playing games (even on low settings) I see CPU Temperatures that range from 90-100 and usually hover around 97 degrees Celsius. This is according to the CPU-temp program.  Laptop has a dedicated GPU (GTX 1060). Should these temperatures alarm me?


      Thanks in advanced

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello SSY-Sargent,

          I understand you are concerned about the processor's temperature.

          Regarding this, I should point out that the processor maximum temperature is 100C before it starts shutting down the different peripherals to dissipate the heat (Also called TJunction). 

          It is highly recommendable to run a diagnostic on the processor with our Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool. You can download it here.

          Also, I would recommend you to download our Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility in order to run a stress test and check the temperature from there. You can get it from here

          I hope you find this helpful.

          David V

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            Hello David,


                I did some further searching and stumbled upon the diagnostic tool prior to this reply. I ran it on the laptop and, it crashed during the stress test. Luckily I bought the laptop a couple days ago and got a full refund.


            Thank you,