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    Intel SA 00075 for HP Z440 Workstation


      Hi I hope that you can help,


      I am in the middle of  deploying the firmware Softpaks to all my corporate domain workstations and so far most of the deployment has gone out with little to no issues, but I have hit a problem,


      I have over 300 HP Z440 Workstations which are running Windows 7 Enterprise,  64 and 32 versions


      I have tried a manual installation and I am getting the following


      Error 8743: Unknown or Unsupported platform

      Cannot locate hardware platform identification

      The program cannot be run on the current platform


      I have check the locate of all the files within the softrpak and all are in the right place I even tried to ran the update all from within one folder but I still get the same issue,  the SoftPak I have download is SP80050


      I have looked at the INTEL website for the softpaks and this is the only version I can see,  is there something I am missing ?