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    How to create Custom BIOS Settings file without UEFI Shell ?




      My question is very similar (exactly same to be exact) as that asked in https://communities.intel.com/thread/116957?q=Custom%20BIOS.

      However the answer provided there does not help me since that solution does not apply to the custom bio file created, but rather talks about a manual workaround.


      I am using NUC7i5BNB.

      I am also trying to create a custom BIOS (.bio) file which will include my own customised BIOS settings using Intel Integrator Toolkit. Everything works as per the documentation. But there is a Chicken-and-Egg problem, as stated in that other thread. In order to create the custom BIOS, I have to run the commands in the Internal UEFI Shell and in order to access that shell I need to enable the UEFI Shell Custom Settings in the BIOS. (by default this UEFI shell has higher priority than the Hard-disk boot in the Boot Order, else we would never enter the UEFI shell during the boot)

      So along with my other Custom Settings, even the 'Internal UEFI Shell Enabled' setting gets saved in the resulting custom bio file I generate. Now if I update any other NUC with this custom bio file,  it is causing that NUC to boot by default into the Internal UEFI shell.


      Of course, I can change the boot-order locally on my NUC or even disable Internal UEFI shell settings on my NUC, but then it will have to be done on every NUC on which we install this custom bio and that completely defeats the purpose of the custom bio file.


      Please provide me a solution where I can create a custom .bio file having only my customised settings without having the Internal UEFI Shell setting Enabled.

      Thanks and looking forward to hear from you soon.