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    Desktop Board DH67BL compatible with KVR16R11S4/8KF ?




      I have a Desktop Board DH67BL (Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL Product Specifications )


      I received 2x memory modules this model > KVR16R11S4/8KF (https://www.kingston.com/datasheets/KVR16R11S4_8KF.pdf )


      When I put them in they are not detected in bios. I'm not a tech guy so here are my questions:


      - I guess it doesn't work because DDR3- 1600 is out of range of motherboard. Is that right ? Some details will be appreciated


      - Is there anything I can do to "fix it" ? (eg bios update) or is a hardware limitation and nothing can be done ?


      Thank you,