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    Extremely high interrupts/sec in NM10


      This is my first post here so I would like to say hello to everyone


      I have the question about AHCI controller interrupts in NM10 chipset (Samsung N210 netbook). After some time (several hours) and some suspend/resume cycles my netbook utilizes about 20% CPU for interrupt routines. This causes really poor netbook performance. My small investigations showed it's AHCI driver related but same issue appears on Intel (8.9 and 9.6) and MS drivers.

      There are multiple method of detecting this but the simplest one (with builtin utilities only) uses perfmon.exe with Processor -> Interrupts/sec and Processor -> %Interrupt time

      I have above 80000 interrupts/sec so I guess there's no driver performance issue because this value is extremely high. This causes interrupt routines to take ~20% CPU for processing.
      After restart everything works nice. With values about 700 interrupts/sec and 0.1% CPU.

      Does anyone of you experience this issue? Did anyone resolved it?
      It somewhat annonying for me...

      I'm Using Windows7 x64 and this is the only thing I will not change resolving the issue