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    X5-Z8350 CPU and Meltdown/Spectre



      I'm looking for a simple CPU that is not affected by so-called "Speculative Execution" and "Indirect Branch Prediction" exploits, in the media usually called "Meltdown" and "Spectre".

      INTEL-SA-00088 lists several affected CPU-families, and I don't see "X5-Z8350" or "Cherry trail"; however, Intel's product-names or family-names are sometimes a bit confusing, therefore the following 2 questions:


      1. Does Intel confirm that the X5-Z8350 CPU is not affected by those bugs?


      2. Can Intel publish a list of CPUs that are not affected by those bugs, please? (SA-00088 tells us which CPU-families are affected, but if somebody wants to buy a new computer, he/she may want to be sure that the new CPU is clean, actually. Not only indirect conclusion: "I don't find it on the SA-00088-list, so (probably) it is not affected").


      Many thanks for your advice in advance!

      Kind regards, Martin