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    MFSYS25: very slow Remote CD performance




      I have Intel Modular Server MFSYS25 with four compute modules installed. When it comes to OS (re)installation it is really painful as I'm far away from the server room and have to use Remote CD. I connect via Remote Desktop to the server located in the same LAN as Modular and from there I mount an ISO image using the Remote KVM and CD feature so that data is not transmitted over the Internet. Unfortunately the performance of this Remote CD is dramatically poor, ESXi installation (approx. 250 MB) takes about 2,5h to boot...


      I've read in the help that it's recommended to plug an external CD for OS installation as the "performance is limited to the USB speed". However I do not believe USB speed should be so slow, it barely goes at 1,5 MB/s... Is it possible it's USB 1.1? Why? Does anyone share my experience or have some comments? It's not often that I have to use the Remote CD but it's really annoying as during so long boot procedure the server is down


      I'm using V5.0 firmware.