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    Regarding upcoming NUCs


      Dawson Canyon is more than perfectly suited for my needs, but I'm curious what's going to happen when the 8th gen NUCs drop next quarter. Does anyone know if there will be business variants of the Bean Canyon consumer line? Specifically, I really need the wide input voltage, internal power connector, and all of the additional internal USB headers. Bean Canyon most likely won't have these features, but the leaked roadmap last year that accurately predicted Hades Canyon didn't actually mention anything about Dawson Canyon. Based on that fact, I think it's entirely possible we'll see a Coffee Lake successor to Dawson, but I'd really like to know if that's going to happen sooner rather than later. If it's a year out, I'll just pull the trigger on Dawson.


      If it's not planned, just know there's definitely demand for it. Doesn't even have to be a business line - wide input voltage and internal power headers on Bean Canyon would be enough for me.

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          You are correct; Dawson Canyon is a Business-oriented design while the forthcoming Bean Canyon is a Consumer-oriented design. You aren't going to see the same feature set between them. Bean Canyon's feature set will more-closely match that of Baby Canyon, its predecessor.


          Intel, by policy, will not discuss features or schedules for unannounced products. My NDA agreement with Intel will similarly not let me say anything about these products. What I will say (putting on my Mr. Obvious hat), is that, looking at the past,


          • New Business-oriented designs have typically launched only every-other generation.
          • New Business-oriented designs have typically launched some time behind/after same-generation Consumer-oriented designs.
          • Consumer-oriented designs typically do support the wide (12v-19v) input voltage range.
          • The internal power connector is typically only supported in Business-oriented designs that are also sold as bare boards.



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            As if right on cue, Intel releases Dawson Canyon's i7 tier (NUC7i7DN), which actually features Kaby-R with full-fledged 4c/8t processors.


            Couldn't be more perfect!