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    regarding microcode patch for intel gen3 and below


      Hi, I'm one of Intel's customer who uses Sandybridge-E and Ivybridge-E cpus. [i7-3960X and E5-2667 V2]

      Because of recent Meltdown and Spectre issues, I came to know of patches that are going on.

      Variant 1 and 3 are patched by MS's windows update patch,

      and Variant 2 is patched by m.b manufacturers who got microcodes that are patched by Intel.


      As you can see in the latest microcode patch done by Intel, in the releasenote, there's patch for Ivy-E/EN/EP but not for Ivy and any gen below it.

      One of your guys at support page led me here to ask a question about it so here it is.

      I wanna know how long I have to wait to get patched microcode for them.