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    Intel D435 can't read both streams at same time


      I just received a Intel D435, and tried the Realsense Viewer, but it seems that it can't read both streams from camera at the same time, the color stream is running at a maximum of 1fps and later the app says "no frames received" and the stream stops.


      If I stop the depth stream, RGB stream starts again, but I can't make them work at the same time. It doesn't matter the resolution set in both streams, so I don't think that is a bandwidth issue. Camera is connected using USB 3.0, using windows 10 build 16299.192, firmware

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          Hello iamjulianacosta,

          Thank you for contacting Intel® RealSense™ Technology support. 

          In order to further assist you with your inquiry we would need the following basic information:

          •    A screenshot of Device Manager -> Imaging Devices. 
          •    A screenshot of Device Manager -> Imaging Devices trying a different USB 3.0 port. 
          •    A screenshot of the RealSense Viewer showing the error.
          •    Please update Windows 10 to the latest build:
          •    In order to discard any camera malfunction or any problem with the signal coming from the USB port of the PC, we need you to test your Intel® RealSense™ camera on another PC. 

          We will be looking forward to your reply sharing this information.

          Best regards,

          Josh B.
          Intel Customer Support