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    Intel 630 UHD Multi Monitor settings lost after reboot (Win10)




      I have a problem with Windows 10 and the Intel 630 UHD adapter (ASUS PRIME Z370-P Mainboard).
      Driver version installed is Win10 with all the latest updates installed.


      2 Monitors are connected to the adapter. One via HDMI and the 2nd via DVI.

      The 2nd Monitor (DVI) is not recognised by Windows directly. In order to get it to work I need to launch the Intel Graphics settings -> Displays -> Multi Displays -> Discover. After that the 2nd Monitor is found and all works fine.


      Till the next reboot. Upon reboot the 2nd monitor is again not found and I have to repeat the above once again.


      Kindly advice how to fix this problem and ensure the 2 monitors are active immediately after reboot.


      Thanks !