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    NUC7i3BNH screen flicker and flashes



      My NUC7i3BNH is sick. The screen flickers and is totally useless last two weeks.

      It's running BIOS 0061

      Driver version 4901

      Windows 10 version 1709 with all Windows Updates

      Connected to a Samsung UE55JS8005 with an HDMI 2.0 Premium cable.

      It's been working fine since I got it about a year ago.


      In the beginning I thought it was a driver problem, so cleaned out 4664 with Display Driver Uninstaller. Didn't work. After that I did a factory reset of Windows. Didn't work, and now it was not possible to reinstall Windows due to all the flickers and blackouts on the TV.

      Disconnected the NUC and took it downstairs to my other computer and connected it to my Dell U2713, and that worked fine.

      So it seems like it's having problems with my 4K HDR Samsung TV.

      My other NUC7 is connected to a projector (Benq W2000) and that works perfectly.

      Doesn't help reducing resolution to 1920x1080.


      Video of the screen flickering:

      Dropbox - 2018-01-19 21.12.05.mp4


      Please help me, I'm running out of ideas.


      I've been following this thread, seems like the same problem, but updating drivers to 4901 didn't solve my problem.

      NUC7i3BNH screen flashing after bios update 0061 and graphic driver update 4877