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    Is there any development kit specific for the SR300?


      Hey guys, i am now trying to integrate the SR300 to a bigger system fullfilled with sensors, ideally i would use the euclid but I can not use this sensor with the blindspot of 0.6m.


      So I am stuck with the SR300 and I am looking for alternatives to do the project as modular as possible, which brings us the following three options:


      1. R200 Development Kit: It would be great, but I am not sure if it is sold always with the R200, Is it possible to buy it alone or with the SR300?
      2. Intel NUC: Is the best of the cases but as always too much money.
      3. Joule: Meh, is good but it does not fulfill my requirements
      4. Rock64: It is a good option as a SBC (single board computer) that comes with a USB 3.0 but it has some problems with its core


      Do you guy know any other option, I am especially interested in the 1st option that is more about a market quest.



      Thank you in advance