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    HDMI black screen after Windows 1709 patch


      NUC515RYH has been happily running as my HTPC for a couple years now.  Recently Windows couldn't hold itself any more and installed the 1709/16299.192 build.


      After the patch I can't turn off the HDMI display because if I do then when I turn the display back on I will see the desktop briefly and then the display goes to black. The system is still operational but I can't see anything. The only way to get the display back is to reboot the computer.


      Today I updated most of the NUC drivers including the Intel HD 6000 display drivers as well as the latest firmware. No change in behavior. Power down that display even for a moment and it won't come back.


      How can this be fixed or worked around? I must be able to turn off the display!