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    Color problem with custom resolution on a G41 board


      Hi all,

      I am building an HTPC around a G41 chipset. The HTPC is connected to a LCD TV with a 1366x768 panel using an HDMI cable. The system is running Windows 7 Ultimate. Since I do have the timing parameters for enabling the native resolution on this TV (from a previous build using the same TV, that worked fine), I entered them in the Custom Resolution section in the latest driver. The problem is that although the resolution seems fine, the colors are all messed up - the black looks purple, and the white looks yellow. From what I read I understand it might be a problem of color levels, but I can't find anywhere on the display properties where I can customize them. Without fixing this issue I will have to either add a graphics card (which I very much prefer not to), or replace this board with another one based on nVidia or AMD chipset.


      I will be very thankful for any help.