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    DQ45CB switch on..switch off in 10 second continuous cycles


      When powering the DQ45CB board up it switches on for about 10 seconds, then switches off for about 10 seconds, and on and off continously.  I have tried replacing the RAM, removing the video card and using onboard, replacing the PSU and disconnecting all add on adapters such as USB ports, even disconnecting the hard drives.  The only way to get the board to boot is to short the BIOS Configuration jumper to RECOVERY, turn on wait a couple of seconds turn off (with the casing switch not from power source) short the jumper back to NORMAL (1-2) and the it works.  Shutting down the system I have to do this every time to get the board to normal boot.


      I have done no updates...no BIOS flash, no upgrades and have not replaced any hardware or upgraded any hardware...it just went spaz on me all of a sudden.


      Any help on this would be appreciated its driving me nuts.

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          You may need to provide more deatils about the hardware installed on the system such as the model number of the processor installed, part number and manufacturer of the memory installed and the wattage of the power supply installed, also deatils on the other hardware installed.

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            CPU: Core2 Duo E7400

            Cooler: Thermaltake Polo 735

            Paste: Spectra Cool (had fresh paste put on yesterday)

            Memory: 2gb Hynix 800Mhz DDR2 x 2 (replaced with multiple ram sticks produces same problem)

            Video Card: Gainward 8600GT 1gb (removed and used internal graphics produces same problem)

            Hard Drives: 500gb Samsung SATA x 2 (removed, tried single boot drives all sizes produces same problem)

            PSU: 550W (tried 650w, 750w and 450w no difference)

            Cabling: Standard SATA cabling, tried Thermaltake SATA didnt help

            DVD Drives: 1x Samsung DVD-R and 1x LG DVD-R Lightscribe

            Other Attached Devices: None except for a 2 port USB adaptor plug removing this didnt help either

            OS: Windows XP Pro.




            I run the system with 2 seperate power supplies:

            The main one is for the mobo, CPU fan and HDD, DVD Drive

            The second one is for all the other fans and Metering devices which show temp, time etc.

            I use 2 so as not to overload the main PSU


            Other Info:

            After shut-down, turning the system back on it cycles in 10 second on/off

            Holding the power button the boards turns off then I remove the jumper pin completely and turn the system on

            The screen stays blank and I wait about 20 seconds then turn it off by holding the power button

            Once off I put the jumper back to default and press the power button the mobo switches on and all is fine

            The above is what I have to do each time to get the mobo to turn on.


            Once the system is on its runs fine, does not crash, freeze or such, this is very weird I know but that

            is what happens.


            I also tried removing the battery (it checks fine) to reset the BIOS this doesnt help




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              Try to test the system out of the chassis, placed on a non-conductive surface like a newspaper, a magazine or something similar to make sure that this is not a grounding issue, update the system BIOS and if possible test with tested memory. If the issue continues a motherboard replacement may be required


              For information on tested memory you may refer to this site:



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                I have the same exact problem and have tried to resolve it with the all of the same methods including bench testing the MB on a wooden bench.  In addition I have take all the components that I have swapped out, memory, processor, ps, etc., and built them into to systems which are presently up and running with no problems, errors or issues.

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                  I was experiencing this same issue and DOA'd 2 boards before I realized it was a case of this particular mobo being VERY touchy about certain rails' voltage levels coming from the PSU.


                  I managed to work around it by loading the PSU (with hard drives).  With 4 drives in the box it boots fine every time and hasn't skipped a beat.  As soon as I reduce the load to the motherboard itself, it fails.



                  I suspect cheap parts in the power circuits (huge liquid caps?  who uses those any more?)