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    Is the E5-2670 V1 a multi-chip (MCM) CPU?


      Hi everyone.


      I need to confirm if the E5-2670 V1 is multichip (MCM) or single chip CPU (all cores are in a single die or in multiple dies for MCM) but can't find any precise information.

      Most threads are locked (Where can I find out if a Processor is a singel or dual die or uses so called MCM   or Re: Is E5-2667 v2 a multichip processor? ) and in another one (Single chip and multi chip module )I found another CPU from the same family (E5-2650) which is believed not to be MCM, However 1. Is not clear to me if this was an official intel response and 2. I don't know if is it safe to assume all CPUs from the same family are always single or multichip.


      I hope anyone could help me!


      Thanks a lot!