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    What camera to use to 3d scan an SUV or a Van?


      What camera to use to 3d scan a SUV or a Van, please?

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          The size of the object (a vehicle) means that you may have to take multiple scans and stitch them together into a single model in 3D modeling software, rather than be able to capture the entire outer surface of the vehicle in one scan (especially if you want a 360 degree model from all sides, which a single scan cannot capture).


          Ideally, I would recommend one of the new 400 Series (D415 or D435) cameras, which have a wider field of view than previous RealSense cameras, meaning you can capture more detail in one scan.  However, the RealSense SDK 2.0 software that they use does not have its own in-built 3D model scanning software, instead requiring it to be used with other software platforms such as OpenCV to gain those functions.  And although there are 3D model scan software packages offered by other companies for RealSense cameras, I could not guarantee their compatibility with the latest cameras.


          The option most likely to work for you is therefore the RealSense R200 camera.  It is old and obsolete but can take advantage of official 3D scan software provided by Intel, plus scan software by other providers, such as 'Cappasity'..  The R200 camera is also designed to capture large objects.




          The R200, though it is now a retired product, is still available from Intel's online Click store as part of a heavily discounted bundle deal with a single-board kit computer in the Robotic Development Kit whilst stocks last.


          Intel® RealSense™ Robotic Development Kit - Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras


          However, if you would like the future-proofing of the latest cameras and do not mind going to the effort of setting up a 3D modeling system using OpenCV software, the D415 is suitable if the vehicle will be stationary when scanned, whereas the D435 model excels at scanning whilst the vehicle is in motion.