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    Realsense D415 no longer works with Chrome


      I currently have an app that leverages both the rgb and depth stream in Chrome

      Tutorial: Typing in the air using depth camera, Chrome*, JavaScript*, and WebGL* transform feedback | Intel® Software


      Currently I use the SR300 and this works perfectly fine, but after switching to the new D415 I noticed chrome/windows does not recognize the depth sensor as a camera. It looks like installing the drivers categorizes the realsense as an imaging device rather than a webcam. After uninstalling the D415 Intel drivers, the sensor could be used again in chrome. Are there any plans to support this?


      I've attached images showing the issue. One with the intel drivers installed, one without.





      System Info:

      Windows 10 x64 1709

      Chrome 63.0.3239.132

      Realsense D415