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    Publishing images from bottom camera to ROS topics




      Like the title says, I'm trying to publish images from the bottom camera of the RTF drone using ROS. Initially, I modified the existing usb_cam ROS package and this allowed me to communicate with the camera, but I've been struggling with trying to then calibrate my camera since the video stream that I get seems to just be a noisy image (I attached an image of it). To clarify, I'm still able to get some kind of stream but it seems to splice together 5 of the same streams into one, which can be seen with the 5 different columns.


      I've considered that the problem is simply a matter of decoding the yuv420 pixel format of the bottom camera into RGB, but I am still fairly new to C++ so I have been struggling with this problem. Am I going about this in the right direction or is something else causing this noisy stream?


      Any help would be appreciated.