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    All hell since Win 10 Creator update



      Nearly two weeks since after lots of prompting from MS I updated to the Creator update. I have a Casper Nirvana N310 with an Intel Atom Z3537F set up. I am an Australian historian and artist living and working in Gallipoli Turkey. I innocently updated my device and because of the limited space on the 64 gb drive MS also prompted me to tell me I could 'Save space if I delete the previous version of Windows'......... stupidly, I clicked it.


      After many hours each and every day chatting with MS Live Agents/Techs, downloading, reloading, installing, reinstalling, reseting I still cannot return my system to the pre update version.

      NO Sound controls

      NO Brightness controls.

      NO Power icon in System Tray.

      Does not recognise SD Slots......

      Many many issues.


      The manufacturer is STILL selling this device with Windows 10 whilst on it's website it says that the device is no longer compatible with Win 10.


      I have reinstalled Win 10 version builds 1709 (Creator), back to 1703, 1609 and now 1511..... it should fter all this now be back to the original build........ but STILL nothing works.


      This all seems to come down to your chipset..... I have downloaded and I think reinstalled everything time and time again......


      I need HELP, I need your help please!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, roachietek.

          Thank you very much for taking the time to reach the Intel® Communities Team.

          I understand you are having some issues with your computer which after the installation of the Windows *Fall Creators update is giving you a hard time with the settings on it. Allow me to help you regarding this issue you are facing.

          In this specific case, I will highly recommend you to get in touch with the manufacturer of your device to verify if there is any chipset update or any BIOS update you can perform.

          It is true that the Chipset is made by Intel® nonetheless, the manufacturer of the device will use it as it requires to.

          Antony S.