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    Gen4 NUC D34010WYK - after (meltdown/spectre - 046) BIOS Update NUC starts itself every 24h


      Hi, I did a BIOS upgrade from 027 to 046 a few das ago and since that time the NUC starts by itself (with or without LAN) cable attached every 24 h - consistently. This 24 h startup is around the time the FW update was done - 11:45 UTC


      Tried BIOS defaults and finally I did a hard BIOS recovery to 027 (Jumper and USB stick) but the problem persists. Now the 24h start cycle is in sync with the firmware recovery time from yesterday. Now it start itself at 12:45 UTC.


      I should mention that I checked the relevant Power and Boot setting with regard to WOL and this S5 timer Option. No changes I did between up and downgrades.


      I did not find similar issues yet but something that might related to it:

      NUC Boots up on its Own


      Though no help for me as my NUC never had a WIndows on it. It is or was home for OpenElec and now LIbreElec.


      Any help or recommendation is appreciated.Thx!