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    Replacing Smart Response Technology (SRT) SSD or Target HDD, unknown error fix workaround


      I had an annoying problem when I replaced my 8TB target disk with new one and couldn't anymore accelerate it... After a few days tinkering I found a fix for my problem. This is a workaround to fix unknown error (0xa0040002), that can happen when trying to re-enable caching for the new drive.


      1st: return SSD back to normal use

      2nd: Go to windows storage manager and format disk to be regular disk GPT or MBR primary partition

      3rd: Delete Partition

      4th: Re-enable SSD caching via Rapid Storage Technology Interface

      5th: Your problem should be fixed now.


      Confirmed to work with 2nd gen Intel Core processor with Z77 chipset board using RST version 15.9


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