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    Multiple drivers update...Sony Z-Flip SVF15N25CXS





      Hi Fellows,


      re:Need a little help-


      1. Multiple drivers update needed.


      I just bought a used sony-vaio-Z-series-Flip-SVF15N25CXS, according to the spec, it has the following:

      -Intel i5-4200U processor

      -Intel Graphics HD Graphics 4400 w/ internal RAM

      -Intel High Def audio with ClearAudio+

      -Intel Wireless N7260 WiFi adaptor

      -Intel Wireless Display


      Here is the thing, according the sony's OEM spec info, it was Windows8, but the seller changed to windows 10, not sure if it was Upgrade or clean installation, now it seems to me I should need driver's update, but the Sony's stuff are no longer available in the laptop, can you gentlemen / ladies give me the direct download link for the above Intel hardware inside the laptop, please...


      2. According to spec: the Intel Processor is 1.6..GHz w/ Intel Turbo up to 2.6 GHz....can you tell me how do I turn ON the Turbo?


      thank you.