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    Intel 7700K reaching high temps/usage




      I just recently purchased this CPU along with other components to install into my computer and i have come upon an issue. My CPU usage spikes randomly and during gametime, it rises to 60+%, the temp also rises along with it. I have read some articles online about uninstalling and installing Intel Graphics Drivers. i have tried to follow along with these as best as i can but i get stuck when installing the driver. When i run the exe. file, it says "does not reach minimum requirements", to which then i tried to install it manually but in the articles it says to update the already present intel graphics driver or microsoft basic dsiplay adapter, my problem to this is that none of those are shown in the display adaptors tab, only my GPU. I have read of people fixing this issue and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could guide me through this situation .




      Intel i7 7700K


      MSI Z270 Carbon gaming pro


      2x8gb Corsair vegence 3200MHz red led


      Corsair TX850m


      ASUS Strix ROG 1060 6gb


      NZXT x52 Kraken


      Kensington 156gb SSD


      W.D 2TB HDD


      Seagate 2TB HDD


      Yours sincerely