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    QueryJoints() Cause 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in libpxcclr.cs.dll in PersonTracking Module


      Hi all,

      I'm using personTracking module with SR300 camera. And I have met a similar problem just like YanivSheffer mentioned in the discussion QueryPersonData() causes 'System.AccessViolationException' occurred in libpxcclr.cs.dll. But there are some thing different.  I can't get the data of joints while I have already get the number of  joints with  QueryNumJoints() method. That means I can retrieve a personData using QueryPersonData method. The point is that I met the same Exception in libpxcclr.cs.dll, as shown in the picture.


      All I have done is just do some configuration, like some "Enable" things. 

      I wonder that if there are someone can manage Person Tracking with C# or Unity?


      Thanks for your attention, and any suggestions are gladly welcome !