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    D410PT fan control


      I have built a computer with the D410PT motherboard.

      When I set either the system fan control to enable, or disable, with any % of duty cycle in the BIOS program, and save those settings, both ways of control work, on booting the system. On cold boot, i.e. after powering down the system, neither way of fan control works; the fan runs at full speed all the time. After I reboot in the latter state, so a hot reboot, the fan control works as set in the BIOS. I have BIOS version 158, but since the release notes of later versions do not mention this issue, I did not update the BIOS. This looks like a BIOS bug, or did I miss something?

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          I have updated the BIOS with version 178. The release notes say that the temperature reading has been corrected.

          Indeed after hot reboot the CPU temprature is not shown as 127.5 any more, but around 24 C.

          But the fan control problem still exists.

          So: after cold boot the BIOS hardware monitor  shows:

          fan 0000 RPM (but is is running at highest speed!)

          remote temp 25 C

          CPU temp 68.5


          Things are normal after reboot:

          fan 1054 RPM

          remote temp 34 C

          CPU temp 24 C


          Hello Intel, one more update please ?