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    New Intel Compute Stick 2018


      Hi Guys,

      I have one Question? Will be create a new Compute Stick devices this year?

      Because My PC Stick with Atom z3735f is broken and The Atom model on this stick is slow and old.

      Best Regards,


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          If you require more compute power, there are already Compute Stick models available with Atom x5-Z8300, Core m3-6Y30 and (vPro-enabled) Core m5-6Y57 processors. See full list of models available here: Compute Sticks | Intel Shop.


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            But which one is able to be used as Mediacenter on a PC?

            I've in the moment a STK1AW32SC which have both limits with standard Linux.

            The seems to be a better solution STK2m364CC and runs quite well with Linux, but I miss the HDMI CEC support, that I can use it as well as (Kodi) Mediacenter on my TV. Also the USB-C port should be support DisplayPort and the Powersupply should integrate an USB-C (with DP forwarding) and Ethernet (LAN).

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              I have no idea what you are asking. "Both Limits"?


              If you want to implement a Media Center, you need to be looking beyond the Compute Sticks - and, unfortunately, well beyond the cost of a Compute Stick; what you are asking for bears a significant cost. Look at the NUC products instead - or go for one of the dedicated Kodi products (though I think most of them are under-powered crap)



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                Are you sure Scott? In the moment I use mainly a Raspnerry Pi for a 1/3rd of the price of the cheapest Compute Stick, which includes HDMI CEC, Ethernet and 4 USB ports. I use it for all my FullHD (1080p30) TVs and it works well. Only on modern 4k TV and H.265 the power is not enough. But it is crazy that a 10 times more expensive Compute Stick (STK2m364CC) don't support a CEC Chanel to be controlled by the TV IR remote.


                OK, this was only USB 2.0 based, but for a much cheaper price. As Electronic Engineer I know the cost of the core Components, and the price adder is below 5$ (part price) and the additional development and test effort should be not relevant.


                If I look in the specification of Intel® Compute Stick STK2m364CC, there was referenced to the Intel® Core™ m3-6Y30 Processor as core CPU which there was noted up to 3 displays supported of (eDP/DP/HDMI/DVI). So also the additional DP should be not be a source of high cost in additional parts.


                From my point of view a NUC is a PC which was mainly bought for a Monitor. A Compute Stick was mainly bought to be used on a TV. Especially the new slim TVs have not enough space to mount a NUC behind. But with a Compute Stick this was no issue.


                But this is my opinion about the usage of a Compute Stick.

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                  Oh, I am sure that there are a few ok ones out there, but most of them are absolute crap (been there, suffered that). Raspberry Pi is ok, but the average Joe will have problems using it (too technical). As well, once you package up the Pi and make it clean (i.e. not the techie clear case), the cost is at least double that for the base model, to a lot closer.


                  While it's true that the m5 can support up to 3 monitors, the Comput Stick built around it cannot.



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                    You are right and not. The usage of a CEC devices via TV remote is quite simple (my wife told me, she wouldn't use a Mouse/Keyboard if not mandatory) and is not related to a techie.


                    The features I requested, mainly Ethernet, HDMI-CEC and an additional USB Port on the supply (LAN + 3 USB or 4 USB), are not big things. Especially HDMI-CEC (pin 13 on a type A connector), is only one wire which must be connected to a GPIO pin, the rest is SW. So only an additional GPIO pin on the CPU and a small layout change is need.


                    See also http://www.quantumdata.com/pdf/CEC_White_Paper.pdf


                    The USB/LAN topic is only a replacement of a 2 times USB 3.0 HUB to a 4 time USB 3.0 HUB and an USB to Ethernet Chip. For sure a new housing of the supply is needed. But can also be offered as option for existing devices.