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    After a Microsoft update to Dell Inspiron, vertical lines on sleep wakeup; latest driver does not fix it


      MY boyfriend has a Dell Inspiron 13, Win 10, Core i5-6200U.   It did a MS update on the evening of 1-12, and afterward, upon waking the laptop from sleep, the screen displays vertical lines, and moving the mouse shows a small square in that screen.  Occasionally rebooting will get the screen back, but usually we just had to wait for a while, 10 min or so, and the screen would return. The display adaptor is a Intel HD Graphics 520. I noticed that the MS update had installed a new graphics driver, so I went out to Intel to get the latest one. I could not get it installed - kept getting "Machine does not meet minimum requirements."



      I went out to the Dell site and let it do a scan to find updates, and it installed the Intel Graphics Driver  At first we thought that fixed it, but the next wakeup from sleep, the lines were back.  I have googled this and see that it is a rampant issue, for many people. 


      The MS update that was done in KB4056892.  I have installed the latest drivers from Dell.  Still this problem persists.  The only way we have been able to avoid it is to disable the sleep mode, which is a bit silly to have to do that.  I tried to use the Intel auto driver detection but the site is down for mainenance.


      What is the resolution for this problem??