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    4k bluray issues and intel 630HD


      Im having trouble playing 4k-blurays in my system. The system is fully compatible and should have no problem. Its played fine in the past using powerdvd 17. I had to reinstall windows a while back and reinstalled everything all over again.


      I used power dvd advisor and it ticks all the boxes and says fully 4k ready.


      Im using an Asus mobo (Z270E) ROG and i7700K, and connected via HDMI to the Intel 630HD display adapter which needs to be used


      However...Now when ive been attempting to play a 4k BR the display glitches funky colours, freezes and BSOD on me a number of times. So obviously a driver issue. I updated to the latest intel driver for 630HD and it crashes my system. I downloaded the latest display driver directly from ASUS and it crashes my system.


      I completely uninstalled the intel display driver. I then went to windows updates and it updated the driver to a version automatically.

      This is not the driver on the asus website or the driver on the intel site but it now plays 99% of time. It still glitches a bit at the begining but generally plays ok. I


      Is anyone familiar with this driver and can anyone inform me of why it is working and the latest ones do not?


      I cant find this driver anywhere on the intel site so im pretty confused..